Bibs Dummy Recall - Important Information


On 8 November 2019 the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission issued a Product Recall in relation to Bibs Colour dummies sold by Chubby Gumz.

We were understandably quite concerned when we heard about the recall. The good news though is that Bibs dummies themselves are perfectly safe and have been tested against, and continue to comply with, the Australian Standard. There is no need to return or destroy any Bibs dummies as a result of the recall and you can feel comfortable continuing to use your Bibs dummies. 

The Product Recall relates to the mandatory warning label information that is required by the Australian Standard to be included with any dummy sold in Australia and which Chubby Gumz did not include in their packaging. Here at Jack & Willow our Bibs dummy packaging complies with the Australian Standard. So you can feel confident continuing to purchase your Bibs dummies through us. 

Of course if you have any other questions in relation to our Bibs dummies or the recall, please don't hesitate to contact us at