Merino Wool is a completely natural fibre, it is grown by Merino Sheep. Made by nature merino wool is completely biodegradable. Your socks do need the small percentage of elastane to keep them up and the nylon gives that little bit of extra strength to help with wear.

    When Lamington founder, Sarah Teensma’s, daughters were young, she shared a frustration familiar to most parents - socks that simply won’t stay up or stay on active little legs. Already running business and looking to expand her brand, she saw an opportunity to not only add socks to her range, but to design them exactly the way she wanted them for her own children.


    Our new packaging has been designed with no plastic hangers. Our printers are committed to the continued protection of our fragile environment and have instituted a number of policies designed to improve the sustainability of the business and its impact on the environment. 

    They use certified stock where possible - stock processed from timber that has been legally harvested with a minimum of environmental harm thereby ensuring economical, ecological and socially sound outcomes. Using sustainably sourced paper and board, plus recycled paper options, and use only soya-based inks and water soluble wash-up products.

    The inks are Soy Based which is 100% environmentally safe. 

    Their plates are CTP Chemical Free so no chemicals are used when producing our plates ready for printing and our wash up is done using only water.


    Compostable Courier Bags / 100% Recycled Courier Bags

    Depending on availability we use R3pack's range of compostable bags or 100% Recycled bags.

    Compostable Courier bags are made with corn starch, PLA and PBAT. These compostable bags are certified to comply with the International Standards for home and commercial composting.

    R3pack's 100% recycled courier bags are made from post-consumer and post-industrial material, these bags are made entirely out of waste.  Even the packaging bag and removable adhesive backing is from recycled materials.