Supporting New Mums!

Transitioning to being a mum of a newborn baby is an exhausting, rewarding, overwhelming and highly individualistic journey. So whether it's your loved one's first baby and they are learning the ropes, or they've been through this before, it's a time where your loved one needs your support.

Sometimes it may feel not easy to help, and we can feel like we are perhaps just getting in the way of things. So we thought we would put together a little list of how you could offer your support! 

1.  Stay in touch! 

Continue to let your loved ones know you are there for them. If they aren't up for the usual coffee dates or even a call, then continue to send little messages to remind them you can help if need be. It can be a time where new mums gravitate away from their phone's so if it's easier, reach out to somebody else in the home to see if there's any way you can help. Perhaps keep in regular contact with your loved one or friend's partner or parents. 

2. Ask if there are any errands that you can help out with

As this time is very much a home-bound period, it may be beneficial to reach out and see if you can run to the store for anything or any other errands that may be being neglected due to other priorities. 

3. Drop off some pre cooked meals

Show your friend or loved one you are thinking of them and recognise how busy they are right now by dropping off some meals. Doing a little home cooking is a fantastic opportunity to help nourish your friend while she recovers and adapts. 

4. Offer to hang out - No expectations.

Things are going to be different and consuming for a little while. Show that you understand this by offering to hang out without expectations of your friends' complete attention on you. This may result in helping your friend, or it may result in hanging out on the lounge with the new bubba. 

5. Get them a little something to show you are thinking of them.

Of course, you can't go wrong with a gift. Get your friend or loved one something special to show that you are thinking of them and support them. Check out our gifting options here. 

By: Tayla Nova x 

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