Homegrown Kids


    Country Roots

    Emma Hawkins grew up riding horses and climbing fences in Deniliquin NSW. She has idyllic memories of wide open spaces, the sun on her face and endless days stretching ahead of her for exploring and adventure. 

    Do you know what she doesn’t remember? Uncomfortable fiddly clothes that hindered her single minded aim to have fun and make mischief. 

    It is from these sun drenched days she draws her inspiration for Homegrown Kids. Emma is on a mission to let her kids be kids, and not let the clothes get in the way! 

    Our Fibres

    We understand the importance of dressing our kids in the softest, most delicious fabrics.

    We use natural fibres which breathe and keep babies cool in summer and warm in winter.

    We use snuggly fibres so that cuddling your bundle is even more heavenly.

    We think there is no better place to source these fibres than our own backyard, when and where we can.

    We source the finest Australian cotton, Organic Cotton and Merino Wool.