Bringing home a new baby

Oh, the newborn bliss. The first time around the attention is on you and new bub right from the moment you let the world in on your secret of creating a new life. The advice, the gifts, the experience stories…you name it, everyone has something to say! However, when bub number 2 comes along, the tale highlights that the fuss is not as much as it was the first time around. Which in most circumstances comes as a relief for second time pregnant mumma’s. Although it’s soon replaced with the overwhelming thought of having not just one baby to look after but two.

Questions do start to fog your brain.

How do I change two nappies at once?

What happens if my first born doesn’t like new baby (haha)?

Will we still find time for date night?

If I try and juggle too much and focus on just the kids and not my relationship with my partner, will I lose the spark with my partner?

How do I find time for all of it?

Will I love this baby just as much?

Silly right? No. These are all things that will most definitely be clouding your brain now and not just because of baby brain but because you are human and having one child, let alone two children is overwhelming as heck!

 So why not take a moment to breathe. Relax or even a second to realise that no one expects the amount of pressure that you put on yourself. As mothers we are our own harshest critics and it is guaranteed that any though you may have / anxieties around bringing home a second baby is number one – is warranted and number two a thought that the lady next door with three children has already had. 

  1. Postnatal Hotline Support

Another tip is to think about having a chat with other mums over the phone. A hotline service if you will. The support given by just reaching out for a phone call to seek reassurance is unmatched. Chatting to someone who has experienced the same feelings you and your body is going though during this adjustment phase may just be what you need. There is so many amazing reviews given by other mums using the services of PANDA, Nurtured Mums or Pink Elephants.


  1. Self-acceptance

Self-acceptance that super mum (yes you) doesn’t have to have it all figured out. Instead, you need to take it easy on yourself and accept that the thoughts, feelings, and emotions you experience will only be temporary. This time will pass everybody will be adjusting not just you. Bubba number one will be learning to become a big brother or sister. Baby daddy will be adjusting to the newfound chaos of two little cherubs and trying to figure out ways to support you. And you will be trying to keep your head above water until you get into your own little groove.

  1. Accept Help

Don’t overlook offered help. If friends or family members are wanting to lend a helping hand, cook a dinner for you provide some free childcare, then let that happen! Trying to do it ALL with no respite will prompt you to burn out. Learn to say yes to the REST.

Written By: The J&W Team


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