5 tips on how to have a positive postpartum

Everyone is different as is everyones pregnancy, labour & postpartum experiences. There is no one shoe fits all, but there are a few tips and tricks that can be applied to your own journey. A lot of emphasis is placed on the labour itself but your postpartum experience is not as widely talked about. 

Five tips - post welcoming ceremony 

1. Plan to seek out new mumma's who are going though the same changes you will be experiencing. We appreciate the advice sisters, aunts, mums and friends who have had babies previously love to dish out, but the truth is having someone going though the same changes and adaptations as you simultaneously will calm your nerves. 

2. Have pre-made meals on backlog for when you return home from hospital. Whether it be meals you have made yourself or you look into getting a service like the golden month to provide you with nourishment 4-6 weeks after welcoming bub home. This will not only save you precious time but will also ensure you are filling yourself up with nourishing foods without the hassle. 

3. Having a chat with your partner about what to expect adjusting to not only having an additional member of the family around but also the changes in hormones you too will be experiencing. Finding support here and having an open conversation does wonders! 

4. Informing loved ones and close friends about your "new baby" boundaries. Now there is not one right or wrong way to introduce a little bundle to the rest of the clan, but ensuring you are comfortable with how other people interact with your baby is the most important. For example, will you have a no kissing baby rule? Do you expect your visitors to have whooping cough vaccinations? These questions are helpful to ask yourself and determine where you have boundaries....if any at all. 

5. Now last but one that we think is the most important is to check in with yourself. Adjusting to life with a new bub comes with many changes understanding your own needs shouldn't be neglected. Ignoring the social. expectations, especially in a world where showcasing postpartum experiences is such a norm its easy to get caught up in the "am I doing enough mindset". By focusing on your new bundle, your partner and very importantly yourself you will be able to refocus your energy on what you can control and what feels right for you and your own journey instead. 

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