Shirley Bredal


Shirley Bredal was established in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2006, by knit designer Shirley Bredal. The collection is now developed from Kathmandu itself. ( read more about Kathmandu and visiting Nepal under the "Kathmandu" section) 

The collections are hand made with knits as our main focus and passion. The design is Scandinavian comptemporary, with a hint of vintage.

Each Shirley Bredal design is brought to life in the valley of Kathmandu, Nepal. Shirley Bredal employs local people, some affected by disabilities, providing an income for themselves and their families according to fair trade principles. All the hand knitted pieces are knitted at the homes of our talented knitters. Their didis ❤️. Didi actually means older Sister in Nepali, but is also used to address women older and more experienced than yourself, as a sign of respect. The 110 didis are taught the main techniques by group leaders, as part of a skill development project. Once they understand the specifique technique, they continue the knitting work from their own home.

The talented women are paid well, according to Fair Trade principles and are never overloaded with work. On the contrary, most women knit as a side income, while their children are in school etc and therefore not full time. 

As each product is individually hand crafted, slight variations may appear, which bring life and charm to each product. 

Shirley Bredal works with pure natural materials, such as fine wool, merino wool, cotton, cashmere, bamboo, silk and blends of these fibers, andavoid synthetics and dangerous dyes and always use AZO free dyes. They are gorgeous items that can become heirloom pieces for future generations. 

You'll simply love Shirley Bredal's gorgeous pieces.


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