Mrs Mighetto Lonely in the Land of Letters Book


Lonely in the Land of Letters from Mrs Mighetto is a beautiful book for children aged 3-9 years old. It is at is core an alphabet book, but it is so much more than that with a beautiful story interwoven about challenging ourselves. Reminding children that loneliness is something you feel, not something you are. 

Elba is hurting everywhere. We get to follow her extraordinary journey to a magic never-heard-of land. She meets kooky Mr Insect and finds the sweetest little lion in her pocket. But she also faces challenges, makes tough decisions and overcomes her fears. Finally, she realizes what the pain was all about.

This magical book is 36 pages of Mrs Mighetto’s iconic whimsical fairy tale and aquarelle drawing. 

A short excerpt:...I'm afraid, but my curiosity is even stronger. With my eyes closed, I squeeze the paper tight in my hands and carefully whisper the name of the never-heard-of land. A minute goes by, and I barely dare to breathe. It feels like I'm turning into a bubbly glass of sparkling water. And then, all of a sudden, I smell earthworms. You know, as you do after a summer rain. And when I open my eyes, I'm surrounded by mountains.

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