Bonnsu is a brand of beautiful bamboo tableware for children designed and made in Taiwan using all natural products using materials from Nantou County which is home to one of the largest bamboo forests in Taiwan. Their bamboo fiber comes from recycled bamboo furniture and kitchenware (things like chopsticks!) so there is nearly zero waste. The glossy surface comes from the mold itself with no added materials; the shine occurs naturally from heating at high pressure.

The glossy surface also gives a sense of smoothness like beautiful ceramic, so parents do not have to worry about germs and bacteria hiding within the natural material.

The Natural Bamboo color is undyed. All other color options (Cherry Blossom, Nordic Lake, Sandy Stone) are made from specially selected natural pigments.

Bamboo grown in summer and winter are different in color and can result in different color shading on the final product. As a natural consequence, colors vary slightly from batch to batch as they make their products in small batches.

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