Top 5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Nursery

So you're expecting a gorgeous little person earth side soon. Congratulations! There really is nothing in the world more special.

While bringing a little one into this world is super exciting, it can be stressful making sure everything is just right. And nothing moreso than their nursery. Because we're all about helping a mama out here at Jack & Willow, we've put together 5 simple tips that will have you on the way to creating the baby space of your dreams.

1. Measure Your Room

The most important step of all is to measure, measure, measure.

So many new parents have been caught out with baby furniture that they love, but just doesn't fit or work practically in their space. So before you even think about hitting the shops, be sure to break out the tape measure. Knowing what space you've got to work with can make the whole process much less stressful. 

2. Planning is Key

Have a think about what kind of nursery you want to create. Gender neutral? Pretty in pink? Would you like to stick to a particular theme?

Instagram and Pinterest are fabulous sources of inspiration, and you can follow us at for daily doses of beautiful bedrooms.

Once you've got an idea of the style you'd like it can be really helpful to create a mood board to see how your ideas work together and where you might need to switch items out. A really great, free resource is Olioboard, which we used to create the beautiful mood board below. 


The items we've used here are:

1. Numero 74 Pink Padded Star Garland
2. Cam Cam Copenhagen Grey Dots Baby Quilt
3. Bloomingville Mini White Cloud Shelf 40cm
4. OyOy Living Design Wooden Penguin
5. Heico Lapin & Me Lamp White
6. Numero 74 Powder Pink Change Mat
7. Liewood Classic Dot Storage Bag
8. Numero 74 Bohemian Lace Canopy White
9. Cam Cam Copenhagen Balloon Musical Mobile Grey
10. Elise Stalder Swan Print
11. Cam Cam Copenhagen Swans Baby Blanket
12. Liewood Cloud Mobile Classic Dot
13. Olli Ella White Dipped Storage Basket
14. Incy Interiors Teeny Cot Dove Grey

3. Choose a Hero Piece

Ok, now you've got an idea of how much room you've got to work with and what kind of space you want to create. Now it's time to choose your hero piece. This is the piece that will anchor your room and be the stand-out 'wow!' factor. It could be a beautiful armchair or a fun wallpaper. In the example mood board above, our hero piece is the stunning lace canopy from Numero 74. Once you've selected this piece you'll find the rest of the room comes together quite easily. 

4. Think About Lighting

 You'll be spending A LOT of time in your nursery, especially at night while feeding. So it pays to invest in one or two great lamps that will create just the right amount of light for you to see where you're going and what you're doing, but won't wake bub up. In the example above, we've used a cute bunny lamp from Heico that lets out just the right amount of light for night-time feeding. Here are some other great examples: 


5. Storage, Storage, Storage

If there's one thing you can never have too much of in a nursery, it's storage! You'll suddenly find you have never had so many itty-bitty pieces like nappies, wipes, creams, lotions, singlets, socks, rattles and toys. Not to mention the swaddles, blankets and myriad of other paraphernalia that comes with a little human. Without proper storage, things will get messy, fast. It's a good idea to invest in storage for your change table, next to your feeding chair and to store toys and other bits and bobs around the room. In our mood board we've used an Olli Ella white dipped basket that can be used for blankets and swaddles, as well as a Liewood classic dot storage bag that can be used for toys.

Some other great ideas for storage are:



We'd love to see your mood board creations and finished rooms so tag us @jackandwillow on Instagram so that we can check them out. We'll be featuring our favourite designs on our feed so keep an eye out! 

Team Jack & Willow


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