Introducing 'The Lake Stories' by Mrs Mighetto...

We are thrilled to introduce the latest collection from Mrs Mighetto to Jack & Willow - the Lake Stories.

According to Mrs Mighetto, the Lake is where the dragons were born. Their rare eggs are hidden on the lakebed until a water creature brings them to the surface. The creatures crack open the eggs using a very special and secret procedure. It is at this exact moment that the dragons’ power to clean and create new water is formed. The Lakeside dwellers and dragons look after the world’s water, and together they are the guards of the lake. Their task is monumental.

Because the Lake flows into every waterway of the world, their organisation above and below the Lake’s surface is both vast and demanding, while their work is under constant threat. 

Let us introduce you to the most beautiful and important water creatures who dwell in the Lake...


THE FLYING BOAT was the first boat constructed by the ingenious Sea Makers after the Story Hunters' attack. The ship can travel at the speed of light and is the only vehicle that can pass through the portal to and from the lake. The boat constantly sails across the surface followed by an entourage of small guard boats.

MR TOM is the last dragon to be born by the lake. He was one of four dragons who survived. Tom symbolises strength and hope. 

Mrs Mighetto The Lake Stories - Flying Boat & Mr Tom

2-pack size 18x24 cm MR TOM & FLYING BOAT


MISS BIANCA is the Sea Makers’ leader and her nest is below the water’s surface. She build tools to help the Lake guards withstand any potential attack. She wants to make sure that the Story Hunters never again manage to get through the portal.

SWAN BOAT The Swan Boat is where the guards listen to stories. The stories are always about that horrific episode that occurred once down by the water, and they reinforce their motivation to guard the lake at any price.

Mrs Mighetto The Lake Stories - Miss Bianca & Swan Boat

2-pack size 18x24 cm MISS BIANCA & SWAN BOAT


MISS LAURA can look into the dark water for hours. She never tires of it. The lake gives her glimpses of the future as she understands the lake's language and knows exactly when it’s time to dive in or call for help. She senses the signals in the air, can talk to the animals and always conveys tranquillity.

Mrs Mighetto The Lake Stories - Miss Laura
Poster MISS LAURA size 40x50 cm


MISS INES has seen everything. The Story Hunters came and managed to capture the treasure from the bottom of the lake without really understanding how much can be destroyed. Ines saw it all unfold, but was unable to raise the alarm in time. Today she is equipped and prepared. As a constant reminder she tells The Lake Stories to the guards. The stories ensure they are prepared and maintain inner strength to fight off the Story Hunters should the need arise.  

Mrs Mighetto The Lake Stories - Miss Ines
Poster MISS INES size 50x70 cm


MR EDWARD knows that his species is threatened so he works tirelessly to hunt down more eggs. They can only be found on the lakebed and they are placed into safe storage as soon as possible. Mr Edward has immense strength and tenacity. As long as Edward is around, there is hope for the lake’s inhabitants. 

Mrs Mighetto - The Lake Stories Mr Edward
Poster MR EDWARD size 40x50 cm


MISS EVA spreads joy wherever she goes. When gloom comes and hard work gnaws at her friends, Eva just laughs. She is like the weighing scales of sadness and joy and laughter is like medicine. Miss Eva takes others’ sorrow and fears and gives back pure joy in its place. 

Mrs Mighetto The Lake Stories - Miss Eva
Poster MISS EVA size 30x40 cm

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