Games to play with QTOYS COCO Coconut Counting Jar

Five games you can play with your child using our coco coconut counting jar

We love this product due to its endless play opportunities, which inspires creativity and free-thinking in our little one's. Left to their own devices, they will be both the customer and the grocery teller for hours on end. But, of course, we know little one's, so we also know there will be a time when you are asked to come up with a game idea, and we wanted to write a little post to ensure that when it's your time in the spotlight, you aren't empty-handed. 

2+2 = 4 and more 

Yes, we are talking about simply additions! Start with some direction of let's see what happens when we add these two groups of numbers together and count the new total. If your child starts to lose interest, try choosing a number and creating a row behind your back and take turns guessing each other's numbers; once they have been discovered, add them together. And repeat. (Ahh, Mum life!) 

How many coconut counters could we fit... here?

First up, find an arrangement of small vessels from around the house. Then, participate in guessing how many you believe will fit in each container with your child. This game is exciting as you can use the guess and check method while encouraging your child to expand their spatial awareness. 

Add a dice to the mix!

If you have a dice at home, this could make for a fresh addition to your counting game mix. Take turns rolling the dice, and then place one counter in a row for each number from 1-6 when that number is rolled. This game is a fun, interactive way to play and briefly introduce the topic of probability. 

Hide and seek AND count

Hide the counters around the room and split up to seek and collect. Once you have your hoarded stash, it's time to count up each of your totals. Then add those two totals together to ensure you have them all safely back, of course! 

Write numbers on your coconut counters as your child gets older

As your child grows, the level of complexity of the games they want to play will need to grow with them. For example, you can write numbers on the counters once your child outgrows these games and move towards more complicated addition, subtraction and eventually multiplication games.

By: Tayla Nova x 

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